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Operation Rescue reports that Bertha Bugarin, an unlicensed abortionist in California, has been sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for illegally killing unborn babies.  She once had up to 11 abortion mills and even employed Laurence Reich who raped abortion patients.  She was also known to not use anesthesia or pain killers when performing abortions.

Unlicensed California Abortionist Sentenced To Over 3 Years In Prison

Bertha Bugarin is scheduled for sentencing on 9 more felonies in San Diego County on Feb. 6

Los Angeles, CA – Bertha Bugarin was sentenced in a Los Angeles court on Friday to 3 years, 4 months in prison for committing illegal abortions without a medical license. Prosecutors had asked for five years.

Bertha appeared in court sobbing uncontrollably and begging for leniency and mercy. Her 22-year old daughter, Evangelina Bernal, cried as she read a prepared statement extolling the virtues of her mother.

“In sentencing Bugarin, Judge Sam Ohta has forgotten that Bugarin’s victims were given no such mercy. Many of the women were cruelly given abortions without anesthesia or pain medication,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger.

“Bugarin preyed on vulnerable Hispanic neighborhoods. She hoped to earn the maximum amount of profit by providing the shoddiest care, hoping the illegal status of many in those neighborhoods would prevent them from reporting what one journalist described as her ‘shop of horrors.’ Her victims will have to live with the trauma and injury Bugarin inflicted on them for the rest of their lives. Bugarin is a cold-hearted predator whose only remorse is that she got caught.”

Bugarin has a long history of total disregard for the law and the safety of women who came to her abortion business that once operated 11 abortion mills. At least six of Bugarin’s abortionists have lost their medical licenses due to negligence and fraud.

One of her abortionists, Laurence Reich, was a twice-convicted sex offender who molested and raped his abortion patients. Reich surrendered his license in 2006, but continued to work as an abortionist for Bugarin until his arrest in February, 2008.

Even after her arrest in a Los Angeles Police raid on 4 of her remaining 6 clinics, Bugarin continued to operate in San Diego County until her arrest there.

Bugarin pled guilty to 9 felony counts in San Diego County and is scheduled for sentencing there on Friday, February 6, 2009.

“We are very thankful that Bugarin’s clinics are now closed and that she is on her way to jail where she belongs. We worked very long to protect the women of Southern California further abuse at the hands of this ruthless predator,” said Sullenger.

“This sends a message to abortionists around the nation who have the attitude that they are above the law: We are watching you, and we will not stop working to enforce the laws until you, like Ms. Bugarin, are brought to justice.”

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News-Leader.com has a story by Father Andrew Moore of St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church.  He gives a good presentation of why biblical scripture supports life beginning at conception.

For those of us who confess the Christian Faith in the Holy Orthodox Church (Eastern Orthodox Christians) the recent article of Charles Hedrick seemed at best to ignore what is for us basic or elementary Biblical theology while trying to say that there is no “proof text of verse ” against abortion. With horror we read that Scripture is not clear about when life begins. To that misguided premise we vigorously disagree.

In the Eastern Christian tradition the argument against abortion is not about us, our rights or our freedoms or a particular verse of Holy Scripture. The question of personhood and when a new life is recognized as human is rather about who God is (Father, Son and Holy Sprit) and how he manifests or shows himself in and through mankind. Specifically, the question that the professor raises is answered not as a verse of Scripture but the fullness of what is revealed in the sacred Scripture as it relates to the annunciation of the conception of Christ, in the womb of the Virgin Mary.

According to Scripture, the Second person of the Triune God became man. That is, the Creator became joined to creation, in the womb of the Virgin Mary. In that God took flesh from man the eternal became joined to the temporal. God became man. The eternal united to the temporal. The heavenly joined to the earthly. At the very moment God became joined to man in the womb of the Virgin He is described as “the Christ.” He is not the potential Christ, or becoming Christ, innine months Christ, or at the second trimester Christ. Scripture says that the archangel Gabriel says that this child is the Son of the most High God. Scripture says that Mary describes this child in the womb as “my Savior.” This is not grey! The Word of God is not describing the person of Jesus Christ as a potential, or future, being. He is fully, and in the present the Christ, the Son of God and the Savior. This is a basic tenet of the ancient Christian faith settled over the objections of several heretics.

It is then the incarnation that informs us best as to the biblical teaching regarding man, his personhood and what he/she is to God at conception.

Beloved to Christ Charles, the Holy Scripture informing us that the person-hood of God the Word, is united to flesh and humanity fully at His incarnation, and not merely at His birth. Does the Incarnation enlighten us as to how God then views those who are in His image and likeness, that is the whole family of men, at our conception? Are we any different in being endowed with personhood fully at our conception than He who became man so that Man might become like Him? You are straining out proof texting gnats and missing the fullness of the message of the incarnation.

God becomes fully and completely man at His incarnation, at his conception. You miss the theology of the incarnation of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. You are missing how God is manifesting himself in mankind in your attempt to make the matter of abortion to be a grey issue. It is not a gray issue of when God and Man are joined together. It is not a gray issue according to Scripture when man is made and created to be in God’s image and likeness. Man is conceived and formed by God, like Jesus in the womb of the Virgin, so that the world might have God’s likeness and image made manifest through humankind still. Sadly, that is impossible when life is ended in abortion. All the possibilities of manifesting God are ended in the abortive act. Only a “theologian” who is proof texting the Word of God could say that the subject of the Incarnation of God does not clearly inform us of an understanding of who and what is conceived in a mother’s womb! This is not a moral issue it is rather an issue of who God is, and how He reveals Himself through us, and if our culture will choose to confess these things with the cherishing of our unborn. Just like the Virgin Mary!

Father Andrew Moore, St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church

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